• Kamon

    I for one will welcome our new meaty masters.

  • Haven’t listened yet, was busy power-fisting people in the face.

  • Nick

    That’s the best way to fist somebody

  • davedave

    tin roof is way better than rocky road

  • Tin roof? Rusted!

  • The Joel

    Tin Roof is really good but I’m not an ice cream connoisseur by any stretch. As a fat person, my opinions on food are highly suspect. I like all of it.

    I wanted to bring up Mint Chip, which is probably my favorite ice cream, but feared Dave would destroy me on the spot.

  • Shax

    So does putting mushrooms on my cheesesteak in addition to onions and peppers mean I’m doing it EXTRA-wrong?

  • Tommy d

    As a fellow fat kid and ice cream connoisseur i go with my own concoction, blue bell vanilla with graham crackers and Carmel.

    Also as someone who has never been to Philaos Delphi (to use the Greek) i had no idea cheese steak wasn’t suppose to have peppers. Thank you oh masters of knowledge and food and food knowledge.

  • Dave

    Mushrooms on cheesesteaks are okay, and should have been mentioned.

    But I guess since you’re putting peppers on it they kind of cancel each other out.

  • The Joel

    Mushrooms on cheesesteaks are, in fact, delicious.

  • Kamon

    Yeah, I never even know about the peppers thing, but I always ordered mine without peppers because they tend to mask the flavor of all that delicious cheese and steak.

    Thank Jebus there’s a pretty authentic cheesesteak shop all the way out here in California.