Show #258: WWCND?


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This show also known as: Where are you going? Baby Loading Docks.

In this episode, we’ve invented all the internet memes you love. Including Chuck Norris and Zombocalypse. Also we invented Twitter.

Music Selection: I’ve run out of podcasts, so I’m relistening to GFW Radio. That was a good show.

This show is about:

Albania = Hardcore.

  • Yo Orange sentinel, where yo curly mustache at?
    Nigga I’m gonna fuck you like a pringles carpet

  • black macgyver

    dear lord, that flag makes me want to ride a horse through a mountain

  • The Joel

    America seriously needs to rethink its flag. Its symbolism is too rooted in our experience. Our flag needs to be a symbol recognizable to everyone on the globe. Maybe Toby Keith punching someone vaguely arabic. If you want to avoid claims of racism sub in King George III.

  • It should bear a woodblock illustration of George Washington jumping a Camaro through a flaming hoop and into a pile of money while a hot chick in a red, white, and blue bikini cheers him on, and instead of Ben Franklin’s suggested “Don’t Tread On Me,” it should say, “Best Stay Out My Face, Son.”

  • black macgyver

    i like your line of thinking keith. shit is so pringles

  • Keith, I like your idea. However, it may be more apt (though not as visually appealing) to use an airbrush illustration, so that it may more easily be transferred to XXL white t-shirts.

  • I gotta say, I feel uncomfortable joking about a flag that is almost reminiscent of the Nazi colors and motifs, even though Albania’s flag is mostly a throwback to the Holy Roman Emperor banners, just with different colors… anyway, Joel’s comment is still hilarious.

  • I approve of airbrushing as the way to create the flag. It will open up whole new avenues for the guys at the state fair who were previously constrained to making airbrush paintings of wizards and sex native American women whose hair is blowing back and forming a wolf.

  • ShavedPanda

    Dont forget that George must also have a PBR in one hand while jumping through the ring of fire. Would be nice to have Jack Bauer spinkicking some people on there also.

  • The Joel

    Can we get some sparkle effects on that airbrush? Then I’m down.

  • DensityDuck
  • Chomama

    “I gotta say, I feel uncomfortable joking about a flag that is almost reminiscent of the Nazi colors and motifs”

    Sure is Godwin’s law around here…