• VZ

    If you want more crazy anime. You need to review Guy Double Target, which ADV is releasing on DVD. Maybe review Iczer too.

  • VZ

    Wait, I forgot you guys don’t review hentai or close to that. Why?

  • DannyRand

    I’ve always imagined its because making fun of hentai is like trying to make fun of a clown.

  • DannyRand

    Also podcasting about hentai is so pringles.

  • From the best of my understanding, neither Dave nor Joel is into animated pornography. Joel seems to be pretty outspoken in his disapproval of pornography in general, actually. I don’t imagine that any podcast involving Dave, Joel, and Guy: Double Target would be very amusing.

    DannyRand is right. Making fun of hentai is like trying to make fun of a clown. It just doesn’t work. It is also so pringles. Where’s your curly mustache?

  • Well, *MY* curly mustache is right next to my laser cannon. In other words, BAOH HAS IT.

    Baoh is going to be one of those things where it will be heartbreaking to discover that D&J Podcast Factoray dislikes it. Speaking of that, there are three more episodes of Mad Bull for you to cover!

  • The Joel

    Daryl Surat; is there no end to your villainy! I’m actually get psyched for Baoh the more you guys talk about.

    Can we be like C&C Music factory? I do enjoy “pumping up” the “jams.”

  • So can we expect Genocyber to follow Baoh? Or Baoh before Genocyber… sounds like dim sum to me.


  • Oh wait, Genocyber before Baoh… ooops.

  • VZ

    I never heard anyway say “so pringles” before but I’ve read people write “shit was so cash”.

  • ShavedPanda

    Somebody call the Grammar Police!

  • Ian

    I’m so glad you guys are reviewing this anime. It is not often that I can rely on my entertainment choices yielding good results but with this I am quite certain.

  • black macgyver

    s.w.a.t.h.- its so pringles

  • Lord Jeremiah

    This episode was so pringles.