Show #249: Stop Doing That To James Earl Jones!


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This show also known as: We had ’em in a monkey bottleneck.

Hey, I played Dungeons and Dragons! And Yakuza 2 is really good!

Music Selection: So we played this in Rock Band 2 last night about forty times, and now I am unforgivably obsessed with this song.

Guess who put seven minutes of useless banter in at the end as a stinger? Me. Enjoy it. Or don’t. It’s all good.

This show is about:

Three Panel Soul has the funnies.

  • Ian

    The banter is the best and a long stinger can be quite fun. I didn’t have one for our podcast about Righteous Kill so I used your promo with 2 minutes of delightful music and the bit about bluetooth headsets. Good stuff!

  • I gotta agree with Ian. This was exceptionally hilarious, and the stinger closed it all incredibly well. We need more Graziella on this podcast! Sometimes I wonder if this show could work live, with some sort of live chat or something like that. I can only imagine what it’s like to play online games with Dave and Joel… I know I probably wouldn’t stop laughing.

  • BB

    I’d Imagine its alittle something like this: