Show #248: But I Have To Build The Shotgun Cake!


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This show also known as: China, need someone to take those babies off your hands?

Bubblegum Crisis Episode 7 is probably the best show that has two pop idol vigilantes with robots.

Music Selection: The entirety of SAY YES! will certainly disguise the fact that I was too lazy to put a stinger in…

This show is about:

Not A Delicious Cake

  • VZ

    There’s this new (well not new anymore since it ends next week) anime called Mission-E. One of the main characters looks ALOT like Vision from BGC.

  • At my sister’s wedding, the groom’s cake was shaped like a Blackhawk helicopter. Not as delicious as a shotgun cake, but you can always back your blackhawk cake full of shotgun cakes and take out the enemy with 10,000 rounds of pure delicious.


    WHAT!? No IT segment this time?! You guys might as well be strippers since you teases us so much anyway.

  • Ian

    Another octane pumped episode guys. When you finish of BGC will you review the 3 episode AD police files anime?

  • Twitch

    As terrible as episode 8 of BGC is, it still is possibly the most hilarious episode, seeing as it’s more or less entirely about Nene (including a montage of her working, set to the aerobics music).