Show #242: Was My Sister An Asteroid?


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This show also known as: That’s What You Get For Trying To Parley With An Ogre

We talk about Braid for about ten seconds, but then we get onto more important topics of conversation:

Music Selection: I couldn’t think of anything appropriate. So here’s some sweet God Hand.

This show is about:

The caps. They were busted.

  • justin

    ….who are the two dudes in that pic?

  • PandaBare

    Ahhh… The Big Hit. Good times.

  • I have a salmon colored polo shirt… am I a fratboy?



    Best part from “The Big Hit” is when Cisco is so confident that Gump isn’t going to call for the ransom, so he lights up a cigar, leans against the wall, and smiles. Then the phone rings and in slow motion the cigar drops.

    Just classic.

  • Junior

    You guys rock tits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tommy d

    I guess a phone that runs on cocain is better than a phone that runs on coca~cola, that would be very curosive and sticky, but legal. although i don’t think the UL would approve of that product.

  • BB

    Coca~Cola phones are causing childhood obesity.

  • ShavedPanda

    Braid has nothing on Castle Crashers!

  • J.Sharp

    I haven’t thought about The Big Hit in years. Now that I’ve been reminded, I’ll have to go rent it. God damn, that was an awesome movie.

  • The Big Hit was my first date with my current girlfriend of many many years. The theater was so crowded we didn’t even get to sit together. Classy!


    I’m surprised you guys haven’t mention anything about the new Live Action Dragon Ball movie. The movie is basically turning out to be a glorified teenage drama. I mean just look at the cast playing Goku and Piccolo.

  • Digitalguardian


  • Dave

    I care less about the Dragonball movie than I do about the real Dragonball.


    So Dave I take it that Justin Chatwin as Goku didn’t spice it up for you huh. I mean don’t you care that Goku might not be able to take Chi Chi to the prom? That he might not be able to defeat the star quarter back in time to prove his athletic worth to Coach Jackson????

    Where is your soul?

  • Tommy d