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This show also known as: I’m done with Monster Monopoly.

This episode meanders quite a bit. But eventually we get to the hard hitting reporting with THE ITAGAKI LAWSUIT CONSPIRACY.

Music Selection: It’s not Danzig, but it’ll do.

This show is about:

Not Real Hamburgers

  • Loknar64

    Dawn of Sorrow’s main “problem” for me was you basically picked one weapon,(it better have been the ax!) and just used that while hunting for souls to power it up. Portrait of Ruin made using other weapons useful as they got more powerful as you progressed at different speeds. Also, PoR had less grinding for items while DoS had you repeatedly killing hundreds of Harpy’s just to get one soul. And then you can’t even keep it to cast because you have to use it on making your weapon more powerful. Or even worse, killing countless Mini Devils just to get the soul count to maxed out 9/9 so you can learn it really is just a horrible soul power.

    Still, PoR’s castle felt like a sort of boring hub to a few stages. But you can’t go wrong when one of your enemies is a Frankenstein’s Monster with hidden machine guns and RPGs in his elbows. Oh, and it also didn’t include the annoying Seal Drawing to kill a boss. Eh, just me rambling at this point. Plus, I suppose Soma in his hip white trench coat is closer to everyone’s favorite girly-goth dhampir, so it’s got that over PoR.

  • Pon farr & Moh’s hardness scale mentioned in one podcast. Excellent way to up the nerdiness… Kudos

  • G√ľnter

    The only time I went to 5 guys was with my grandma. She can’t eat beef, so she ordered a veggie burger. Little did we know, the “veggie burger” was just lettuce and tomato on a bun.