Show #238: He Wants It All, But He Can’t Have It


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This episode also known as: I ate the three bean tamale.

Bionic Commando: Rearmed eventually gets talked about in this episode.

Music Selection: Apparently I didn’t like the JAM Project concert enough for the tastes of any podcasters or HALF THE INTERNET because really digging four or five songs in the whole show isn’t good enough. Well maybe if a certain someone played this then I would’ve flipped my shit. ON ZA SUBMOORINE STREETO-DESU.

This show is about:

You Want It All, But You Can’t Have It… HITLER!

  • Oh man, Mike Patton. He needs to collaborate with Henry Rollins on something. Maybe a remake of Face/Off?

  • elliot page

    i have just bought bionic commando thanks to this podcast, i was too busy playing pixeljunk eden to think about another downloadable game until you started extolling its virtue.
    On the voice thing: i always assumed that joel white was crackhead (daryl surat) thin when i started listening to the podcast. No idea why. Then you set me right.
    Do you know if they export yingling to the uk? I think i want some.

  • Dave

    I’d doubt it. They only recently started exporting to the rest of the east coast in the US. For a long time Yuengling’s claim to fame was that they brewed only in the original casks. That stopped when they started exporting to Florida.

  • By the way, it seems I would probably get along with Scabs since I too geek out over Japanese animators that are mostly unknown here.

    Great podcast as always!

  • I’m sad to hear about the addition of preservatives to Yuengling, but even more sad that Yuengling is not sold widely in Ohio, which last time I checked is FAR closer to Pennsylvania than fucking Florida.

    You can buy it here, but only in small amounts in out-of-the-way booze stores. It’s not officially distributed.


  • A.L.

    Dave sounds like a bigger guy and joel sounds like a little guy…personal opinion having not seen either of you.

  • Yeah, I thought the same thing. Maybe Dave’s just taller.

  • Jon

    Looking back at their YouTube videos, Dave is definitely of a larger stature.