Show #232: They Never Missed A Show! Ever!


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This episode also known as: Cooking Ninja Team, Defensive Positions!

Holy crap, there is nothing to say about Phantasy Star Online.

Music Selection: Sacrifice? Why should I do ANYTHING for you? You LIED to me! BETRAYED me! And you really don’t look so good anymore…

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Purple Robots

  • First of all, your podcast rocks. Second, your talk of the DC makes me envy you two and the fact that your Dreamcast consoles still work! Mine, alas, died of old age. But, my PS2 seems to have almost filled that hole in my heart. I played Phantasy Star once or twice vicariously through friends (never owned it) but agree with you that it played online quite well. But while I wish I could keep up with modern gaming, I’m much more of an anime guy (and I think the Sayans just died of laryngitis… even The Colonel didn’t grunt as much.) Either way, your podcast works for me just fine!

  • Dear God, another one?!

    Also Dave, did you know there are posters of you on the Trains in Jersey?

  • Dave

    As well there should be!

    But I’m interested in photographic evidence.

  • The Joel

    Of course there are pictures of Dave. They are usually preceded by “Warning: Sex Offender. Protect your goats.”

  • Dave


  • Blackjack

    i used to play the older phantasy star games, the older ones, i havent played online. i did find the standalone games pretty good.

  • Bringing up Zebra cakes out of nowhere brought me convulsions of laughter. 90% agreed about it being the best little Debbie snack, only because I think they also make Banana Twins which edge Zebra cakes out of the top spot.


  • wintersnowcloud

    I am looking back from the future. You guys never seem to miss a podcast… yeah…