Show #230: Quick, Get The Water!


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This episode also known as: That was nap time!

Now that we’ve actually played it, let’s talk about Ninja Gaiden 2 some more.

Music Selection: Man remember when we fought Doku? That fight sure had more intensity THAN THIS WHOLE GAME COMBINED! LET’S KILL SOME MORE BOSSES USING ONLY ARROWS.

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  • Prettysure that blood power is the power to be alive. But that’s sort of like an average man getting bitten by a radioactive average man, thus acquiring the proportional strength and speed of an average man.

  • Hoth

    Interesting. According to I-tunes, this podcast is coming to us from one month into the future (8-22-08). I knew you guys were strong, but time bendingly strong? I am in awe.