Show #224: The Cheque Is So… Drippy.


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This episode also known as: Wilfred Brimley Would Come In On His Horse And Save Me


Music Selection: WHAT?? A PISTON PUNCH?

This show is about:

I told you it was funny.

  • Hoth

    Dave, you have no idea how happy I am to know that I’m not alone in thinking about the chick whenever I hear anyone mention Big O. She gives me a Big O. *nudge nudge*

  • The problem with a good animated gif is that you can’t stop watching it. I’m still laughing!

  • Ian

    Hands down that is the best one of those animations ever.

  • thorpendragon

    am i the only one who thinks of roger as japanese bruce wayne?

  • Ian

    Course not. Big O is 1 part Batman, 1 Part Bladerunner, and 1 part Godzilla with various “pinches” added to taste.

  • Wasn’t Bruce Timm involved with this show in some capacity? Or someone from Batman?

    If someone can combine the Big O animated gif with the Story of Rikki head smash animated gif, they wold have created the most perfect moment in all time and space.

  • reaper_harvester_of_souls

    Loved the show you guys are awesome.

  • Hey, I remember you guys from the Anime Jump forums. I’ve been listening to the past couple of podcasts and really enjoying them. Flawless!

  • Dave

    Glad to have you guys aboard, welcome!

  • Blackjack

    wow, i can understand why you love the piston punch so much!
    there’s a CRATER where the guy’s head was!
    great podcast, btw, keep it up!

  • ElliotP

    Thanks to this podcast, I have managed to harass some of my friends into watching Big O. I simply threw this audio file at them and asked if they wanted more.
    Of course, they said yes.
    So thank you, Dave and Joel, for making to possible for us to have pub conversations about how freaking sweet piston punches are.

    Also, You mentioned the manga. Its out of print now, so if you fancy reading all of it you may want to act fast.