Show #218: And Then I Was DONE. FOREVER.


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This episode also known as: Someone Should Write a Blog About This

We appreciate ADV for releasing Red Garden.

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  • Suto

    Dude, the “everybody sings the same song even while at different places” thing was in Magnolia (1999) by Paul Thomas Anderson. You would be forgiven for not knowing this, cuz it’s a litte gay.

  • Dave

    I’m sorry, I’m only familiar with the works of Paul W.S. Anderson. Was Magnolia about an evil spaceship in space?

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  • wintersnowcloud

    no Red Garden really never got much better… I’ve unfortunaly seen the whole thing. It takes way to long for the girls to finally stop whining and crying. The show would have been a lot better if they skipped the drama and moved to the super powers a lot faster.