Show #216: Everyone Picks Monkey

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Cowboy Bebop: The Movie is something that is actually worth watching.


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Andore S. Myart

  • keepnItREAL

    I loved cowboy bebop, but I think it has become something that everyone likes and therefore it is more hip to hate on it than to like it.

  • I’m pretty sure the only person I personally know who doesn’t care for Cowboy Bebop is Gerald. But he owns the super-rare original DVD box set anyway whereas I do not. Come to think of it, I don’t own the Cowboy Bebop TV series at all, and it’s probably super cheap nowadays. I gave the DVD sleeve of the movie to my friend to get it autographed by the director. And then I lost the sleeve.

    Oh right. Those Destroy All Podcasts DX guys hate this movie. The reason for this hatred is that deep down they hate both karate as well as kung fu. Karaokeninja may hesitate to actually say “I hate kung fu movies” with words, if only because that one girl in Office Space saying “…I LOVE kung fu!” has made it against the rules to express dislike of such a thing, but I can tell. I CAN TELL.

    That is why this Cowboy Bebop: The Movie podcast is far superior to the Destroy All Podcasts DX one. PUSHBROOM FIGHT.

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