Show #209: Horse Master and the Master of the Horses


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Maybe this show is about the salvation of the internet, aka N’Gai Croal. That’s possible, really.

Holy jeez is the audio on this show bad. I don’t know what happened (I blame Joel. Or WoW. Or Joel playing WoW) Do take solace in the fact that it is not as bad as it was before I “cleaned it up.” Oh wellz :( :( :(

This show is about:

Cake? I guess?

  • Gilmorne

    I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but how could anyone say no to that cake. I would quote that game with the insane AI here, but then I’d feel like a tool.

  • Rawkshasa

    As it is now, the internet cannot facilitate real discussion; it only supports self-referential non-jokes. I don’t think people can be reasonable in a forum without being accountable, and as long as they are anonymous it’s not going to happen.

    As far as online gaming goes, I enjoy playing support roles/classes more than the frontliners as well. Cooperative gameplay is a blast, and when the game gives players options that encourage teamwork it really makes my day. Any jerk can spout off about their kills/deaths ratio, but being a good medic is rewarding for both you and the group you play with. I don’t play MMOs but I imagine the sentiment is similar, and if I ever do take up WOW it will be for that reason.

    Finally, why look up the lyrics for Fire Wars? Like all JAM Project songs, the most important parts are in english already. Let’s Vibration!

  • thorpendragon

    you do realise booble is a porn search engine right? that was an interesting mistake on my part.