Show #202: The Sexy Self-Destruct Sequence


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Some bad things happened with the audio in this episode. That sucks, but it happens. Still, we soldier on and hope for a better tomorrow as we watch Bubblegum Crisis 6: I Can’t Believe Priss Is Still Attached To This Character

Did I just put all of Rock Me as the ending song? YOU KNOW I DID. That’s a great song. I especially like that part at the end where the guitars are all like “Duh-duh-duh-duh-duhduhuduhuduh” and she’s like “Rock Me! Rock Me! OOOOOOOH!!” and I’m like… well… some things are better left private. See you next week!

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Help Me Lucky Left Nipple

  • thorpendragon

    weather machine, sticky and uncomfortable. . . .IN MY PANTS!!! OH SNAP!!!
    on a side note, Asian chicks with Scottish accents are hot, just ask harry potter.

  • I would like to officially state on the record that I am not being facetious when I say that episode 6 of BGC is the best one. It’s got some of the best fights, the highest incidences of Chopper Dave, probably the best animation / music, and hands-down the best villain. Case in point: after freefalling off the top of a building, Priss fires her supersonic railgun / flechette palm cannon thing at Largo, who then proceeds to catch it between his two fingers and flick it back at her Kenshiro-style, which pins her to the wall and within the span of roughly 1.2 seconds runs across the entire office and punches her through the building wall to the outside. AND control over the freaking laser beam satellites that were in the first episode because the Internet fan speculation was that Largo’s body contained some sort of amalgamation of Mason’s consciousness mixed with Frederick’s.

    It’s no wonder that the Animeigo trailer for Bubblegum Crisis consisted solely of the music video to “Rock Me,” which was almost entirely footage from this episode. I guess if you’re secretly really into Mysterious Night as Dave is, then episode 5 would be your top pick, but as 5 and 6 are two halves of one story it is largely splitting hairs.

    Even though 6 is totally superior.