Show #200: Bust a Deal, Face the Wheel


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Oh wait. I guess we’re not canceled. I was gonna post this yesterday after giving Joel shit all week about not uploading his half of the audio, I then forgot to put my half of the audio on my laptop. LoL.

This show is about The Test of Pure Manliness


  • spooncivicR

    Congratulations on show #200.

  • Pixy Misa

    Does this mean you’re not going ahead with the WoW blog?

  • RJ Bubel

    I can’t believe you played with my emotions like that Dave and Joel, but it is definitely good to have you back. I guess congrats is it order on 200 episodes.

  • kolibri

    It wasn’t the WoW blog that tipped me, as much as claiming that it takes a long time to edit your podcast… Haha… I laughed a long time.

    And re: the bed… you stud you.

  • Dave


  • I also imagine that this whole recording was done with the two of you in some small church chapel, in front of a grand piano, with lots of burning candles. At the end of it, Dave has to work on is WoW blog (which is done on parchment paper, with a quill pen), and Joel simply nods, walks outside, and plays his guitar out in the desert…alone.

    In fact, I assume that’s pretty much how every one of your interactions goes. If you guys aren’t the “”November Rain of podcasts,” then you are at least the “ECW Novmber to Remember promo that was set to November Rain of podcasts.”

  • After the fact, but:

    The proper way to use the Internet for buying a bed is to:
    1) Go to the local Sleepy’s and find the mattress you want. Sleepy’s guarantees they will beat the price on the same matress by 20%. This is a good deal for them, because mattress names are totally random, and the same mattress may have a hundred different names based on where it’s sold and by whom it is being sold.

    2) Go to the Interent and search for the mattress by name. After a bit of searching, you will most likely find it, and for cheaper.

    3) Print that page out and present it to the Sleepy’s guy, who will grudgingly accept the price and knock 20% off, and probably throw free delivery and box springs in to boot.

    We got a $1000 bed for $350 thanks to an ad we found online from a bedding store in Florida.

    Domestic corner now closed. Real men sleep on the floor, with a knife in one hand, a hot Russian stripper in the other, and an empty bottle of scotch nearby.

  • I agree 100% that Salute Your Shorts along with most of the shows on Nickelodeon were never good…


    Bus Driver Stu. Artie, the Strongest Man in the World. Mr. Tastee. The race to the Grand Canyon. Plus the shorts that preceded the full-length show that involved using one’s psychic powers to blow up cars. (It only worked once.)

    All that Fifteen / Roundhouse / Hey Dude / Space Cases / Are You Afraid of the Dark crap sucked back then and sucks now. But you leave The Adventures of Pete and Pete out of it, or you’ll be getting a visit from the Girl Scout of Death.

  • Ian

    Yeah Pete and Pete had Iggy Pop and don’t forget about Open Face and Paper Cut.

  • Dave

    I hate everyone here.

    Except Keith, I only mildly loathe him for talking about mattresses longer than even I did.

  • infamousjeff

    gratz on show #200! thank god you’re still here. i can put the gun away.

  • Sugar-Chan

    This is super late, but I’ve been going way back in the archives, trying to catch up with everything, and ROUNDHOUSE WAS THE FUCKING SHIT! … At least the first season with the black chick singing the theme song. Once the red-head with the big nose came on, it was all over. But Pete and Pete was hilariously awesome, and I still sing the theme song to Hey Dude, as it was probably the best theme song out at the time.