• 10 acceptable “get pumped” songs:

    1. Eye of the Tiger, obviously
    2. In the Burning Heart — for more advanced Rocky users
    3. You’re the Best — start here, and later graduate to #5
    4. Theme to The Last Dragon, especially if you need The Glow
    5. I’ve Got the Power — for use by ultimate weapons only
    6. Powerslave – nothing says pumped quite like a ripped dude in a loin cloth with a bird head, or whatever the Egyptians were into
    7. Theme to Flash Gordon (1980s movie version)
    8. Baba O’Reilly by The Who — also good for driving through the desert with you fist pumping out the window
    9. Theme from the TV show SWAT
    10. Anvil of Crom, from Conan.

    Put these 10 songs on a mix tape, pop that tape into your walkman, and at the end of your workout, you’ll be so ripped that they’ll need a whole roll of duct tape to put you back together.