Show #190: High velocity wolf cannon


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Tsukihime is a show that contains A DUDE WHO SHOOTS WOLVES OUT OF HIS CHEST.

Opener: Man Man – Werewolf (on the hood of yer heartbreak)
Ender: Reprise

Naked Sushi

Sexy Sweaters

Purple DRANK

  • Hello gentlemen love the show, have you considered reviewing Vampire Hunter for the playstation one?
    It would fit in well with your current theme

    anyhow im a big fan , check out my anime podcast sometime if you like at

    Regan Strongblood

  • “Arcueid” is Dracula spelled backwards in Japanese.

    I think I stopped watching that thing after the I HAVE 666 BEASTS INSIDE MY SHIRT guy died in a minute or two vs. a 50-page fight in the original. Plus the animators spelled the family name wrong on the sign on their house.

  • Courses in my soon to open college for Japanese anime writers include, “How to Spell English Words Right and Convince Americans not to Spell them Some Weird Japanese Way,” “The Basics of Christian Mythology,” “Vampires Don’t Go Out in Daytime,” and of course, “Why You Don’t Want to Use a Sword Against a Guy with a Machine Gun.”

  • Now what i the guy with a wolf-shooting chest cannon was the one riding around on the giant flying candiru?

  • DannyRand

    I think thats in the Bible. I think they called it the apocalypse.

  • shakaz

    Tsukihime is a good visual novel, and a mediocre anime.

  • thorpendragon

    everyone needs a good zombie plan