Show #185: Tell It To The Judge (My Gun Is The Judge)


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We are totally horrified by Mad Bull 34.

Special Crossdresser themed music!

Opener: Garbage – Cherry Lips
Ender: The Kinks – Lola
There exists no pictures that could possibly encapsulate the meaning of this show.


  • lolwhut

    What do you guys mean, rape’s not funny?

  • The best part of this is the fact that aside from a few brief references, the entire podcast is just for episode one of Mad Bull.

    Meaning that there will be at LEAST three more podcasts dedicated to Kazuo Koike’s…MAGNUM…opus.

    PS: I do NOT appreciate Mad Bull or Angel Cop in an ironic sense. I appreciate them for real.

  • Japan needs to take an adult ed course on guns before they go making more shows featuring guns. Of course, the textbook for that class would be “Everything I know About Guns I Learned from John Woo.”

  • thorpendragon

    It’s really odd that this is todays podcast. I just started listening to the AWO podcast and just got to the episode where they talk about Mad Bull. I now know to much about this show without the “benefit” of seeing it.

  • Ian

    You know that’s an interesting question: Does appreciating something ironically just mean that you apprecaite it for what it is but are looking to have a defense against those cool people that only like good stuff?