Show #179: Violent Fist Squadron Joelkaiser


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This show we eventually get around to talking about A TALE OF SOULS AND SWORDS ETERNALLY RETOLD.

Opener: Soul Calibur – Unblessed Soul
Ender: Soul Calibur – The Stage of History

This show is about:

Ivy (still in her natural dyke-y habitat)


Basically the hottest girl ever

  • Hoth

    The Malaysian Battle Flute? Damn, that sounds almost as painful as the Coke that shot out my nose at the mere mention of that undoubtedly devastating weapon.

  • The Joel

    Its sort of ironic that we chose Malaysia as the country to produce an ancient weapon that is so ridiculous considering they are now ruled by a military junta. That being said, I’m going to say it was intentionally meant to needle those jerks in their mountain hide-away.

  • vichussmith

    I was under the assumption that shmups or shoot ’em ups refer to the side scrolling plane/spaceship games and you just call first person shooters FPS’

    Also, Dave with Joel, are you going to review Cloverfield?