Show #177: We Call It Earth Jr.


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This Episode Also Known As “Sliced Bread Having Been Made A God in 1960”

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This show is about Martian Successor Nadesico (who knew?).

Opener: Ikaruga – Trial
Ender: Nadesico – You Get To Burning

This show is about:

Lizard Man

Sliced Bread

Angry Green Haired Chicks

No, Seriously. I’m Into Them

  • Sandstar

    I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but I just had to say that while I liked Nadesico, I hated the fuck out of dub Yurika’s sing songy voice. Sweet jesus, I hated that voice.

  • David

    Huh… I also watched it around 2000 with the same three-outta-five sentiments. Maybe it’s a better show second time around, as an adult. Should rewatch. This re-release isn’t with the improved image and sound from the recent Japanese remaster, is it? Cause then it’d be worth buying anew.

    Probably won’t rewatch the movie though, that was utter shit, anticlimactic as hell. (And again without an ending, but this time it didn’t work.)

  • Buffalo Meat

    Man, I remember being a super-geek getting trades for this show. I have always loved this one, but I kinda feel that I may be dissapointed if I go and watch it again.