Show #175: Now I Have a Machine Gun. Ho. Ho. Ho.

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This Episode Also Known As “Your Ass Is Getting Thrown In Thunder Dome”

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This show is about Rock Band (but really it’s more about Die Hard).

Opener: Heart – Barracuda (aka: the only reason to get Guitar Hero III)
Ender: Foreigner – Juke Box Hero (IT’S THE WHOLE SONG SO GET USED TO IT)

This show is about:

Secret communiques

Neil Peart

Joe Louis (vs diet pepsi)

  • mattwdr

    UmJammer Lammy ftw?


    killers = “fraggle” rock (cheap offspring of burnt-out parents)

    Great show, 1st time listening…


    Former Eastern Universiteer
    Philly nerd.
    Habitat for Humanity Spouse.

  • David

    (Oh snap, drama! On my Internets?!) I imagine you don’t, but if you were wondering, Joel was right with the “list a million bad things”. I guess my mistake, except being a non-English speaking foreigner (yeah, that’s right, I pulled the foreigner card!), was in not JUST doing the sarcasm since I actually was serious with the male character being kinda-sorta funny at times. And Kanon IS a pretty show, except for the girls’ huge soulless eyes. (I never said it was good, though. I wrote “not that bad”, a statement I stand by: Having two points of quality in a sea of awful is still better than most other anime shows.) Then, in my folly, I thought you would be mildly interested in knowing that some of your complaints were explained later in the show — which is not to say I myself deem them excusable.

    I considered being teh funny for this comment, but since I am NOT teh funny and earlier attempts have failed, I reckoned it would just come back to bite me in the ass again. So whatever. Also, it is highly likely that no one’s interested, but the Internet is made for doing shit no one cares about. When all’s said and done, I still like you guys though. (Caret underscore caret.)

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