Show #172: I, Garland, Will Knock You All Down

I don’t why my sound is crap in this episode. I apologize. It won’t be fixed next time, probably. :(


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This Episode Also Known As “The Koreans have no love of John Deere”

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This show is about Final Fantasy IV: DS (also nunchucks).

Opener: Final Fantasy – Warriors of Light (OC Remix by Darangen)
Ender:Final Fantasy Adventure – Begin the End of the Beginning (OC Remix by Big Giant Circles)

This show is about:

Refugees from “Gay Atlantis”?


Also acceptable Garland

Not acceptable Garland

  • Fuzzyj_17

    Dave I know you loved spending hours drawing cure spells from giant spiders, Fucking spiders! why did they have magic and curative magic at that?
    Don’t worry lots of us were tricked and know we were but it will continue to happen because we are all suckers.

  • I bought Dirge of Cerberus. Pre-ordered it even. Played through it in two days, got sad, and returned it in order to buy Okami. Best decision of my life.