Show #166: This Is Playground Rules


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This Episode Also Known As “Possibly Murdered By Rape”

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This show is about… …Gamefly? …Team Fortress? …Crysis? …Chik-Fil-A?

Opener: Secret of Mana – Prophecy
Ender:Ghostbusters – Davek Superstyle Mix

I got bored of doing the Ghostbusters thing halfway through. If you want to hear the rant in its entirety, it’s available here.

(Also we stole the Ghostbusters thing from this)

Dangerous games



  • I will be more than happy to play Gears of War with you, Dave! After all, you’ll need something to do considering that Wednesday night is D&D night at the Ninja Consultant abode! Also, the reason you should get Call of Duty 4 on the PC is because that’s the platform I have it on. Your computer will be able to run it with no problems.

  • MitchyD

    I don’t remember trying to ditch Joel for Gears because I haven’t played it in months. If you guys are hopping on, I’ve not played it in ages, I’d be down.

  • Eoin J4

    People still play Gear’s?Then i guess Halo 3 has finally died down,YAY! Cant wait to own some noobs with grenades,YEAH I SAID IT,SO WHAT? :P

  • rokku

    hmm. internet media. no one cares really, as far as radio broadcasts go. i am a part of shinsen-subs fansubbing group and have been involved with their radio. now when you think about a group that has on average 950 people in their irc channel at a time, and they also have a radio with live segments, special airings of newer music, a request system, any jmusic you can imagine, and guess how many listeners they have? 30 maximum. so yeah, everyone who thinks that internet media is the wave of the future can look at their willing audience again and go cry in their small dark corner of an obscure forum.

  • endlesswhite

    That guy was pretty funny, albeit completely insane. Is there any legal issue with what he’s doing? Also, I wouldn’t mind hearing you guys go into retro games for a while, even though it would be weird for this time of year.