Show #161: I Got Zerglings For Your Asshole


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This Episode Also Known As “Stop Smokin’ the Crazy… Stuff”

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This is something about Venus Versus Virus.

Opener: Def Leppard – Photograph
Ender: INXS – Never Tear Us Apart

Penny Arcade, hearing from our lawyers

Comforting thoughts

Sexy costumes

  • spooncivicR

    Hey guys, with Dave in New York will you be using skype for the podcast or will one of you travel so you can record the show in person? Also 185 listeners, that sounds really low…

  • hux

    Yes! Here’s hoping for “Lagaan” and Kotetsushin Jeeg episodes.

  • TheAngryOtaku

    See you soon

  • Oh sure, you may laugh at the fact that nobody else uses your comments system because it requires one to set up a login, and if you’re going to go to the trouble of setting up a login then you may as well just register for a forums account already. But while forum threads come and go, blog comments are forever; permanently affiliated with the episode posting for all time or until Dave screws up and deletes the blog again.

    Why you don’t simply emulate the bold and daring comment system used by PT Chapman (and formerly, TV’s Patrick Macias before the lameness of that devious Mike Dent made him disable comments forever) is a mystery. Or you could be like the AWO and get all aboard the Blogger train, where even with anonymous posting enabled, spam comments are virtually nil thanks to built-in word verification. You don’t like that Feedburner integration with WordPress anyway!

    Actually, now that Google owns Blogger and Feedburner and the Pro stats tracking is now free, I’m not sure what the WordPress advantage over Blogger is with regards to Feedburner. There must be one, since NOBODY aside from me uses Blogger.

  • chronocross_xp

    But one can put some crazy pictures on the forumz :P

  • Dave

    The advantage being this is hosted on my webspace, not blogger’s.