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This Episode Also Known As “GET YOUR ASS TO MARS”

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Joel and I preempt Paul Chapman and close out HIS “Month of Dick” with Total Recall.

Opener: N.E.R.D. – Lapdance
Ender:Total Recall Theme

This show is about:


Starting Some reactors

Exploder heads

Freddie Mercury?

  • hux

    Oh good lord. So much Total Recall in one week. Why do you guys do this to me. Also, I feel kind of bad both you guys didn’t enjoy Gaogaigar. Mind you, I haven’t seen it but I do know it starts out slow and generic and then becomes better, better and then fuckawesome, supposedly. That episode made me want to finally see it. Also, you guys are fuckawesome.

  • mrvisor

    Bout damn time. Now you guys have to do either a predator or running man episode, or you could really bite the bullet and do conan the barbarian, or even better, conan the destroyer. Either way, great show. FREE MARS!!

  • cscousins

    damnit. I wanted to leave a comment, but everytime I try to write something I sound like a retard.
    you guys funny. me like. make fun of more bad shows. DBZ gay lol….
    there I left a comment! f**** A!

  • M

    I was pointed here by a friend, since I mentioned having just watched Total Recall for the first time. I’m not too into podcasts and the like myself, but figured that for whatever reason, my friend suggested I listen to yours and so I did. Well, as much as I could, anyways. Honestly, I don’t know if your other shows sound like a phone call between the two of you, but perhaps you should evaluate whether or not people might actually *want* to listen to what you are talking about – it might just increase the quality of whatever it is your are doing. I only made it 6 minutes in, and you both said nothing. Good job?

  • tyree

    Dude above Is a dick.

  • Ditto on the dick. Also, he uses the standard “my friend told me about this” line, putting the blame for him making the “mistake” of listening. Go listen to some FM radio garbage, you moron.

  • Dandroid20xx

    Just listened to this again, a Fast Karate classic. This added so much depth to the rewatching of already cerebral and subtle 80’s classic

  • tinywhispers

    I’ve listened to both your and Paul’s Total Recall podcast and between the two, I love this one more. Both are good but this one made me laugh more.