Show #153: If You Add Poop To My Cake, It Does Not Make It Better

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This Episode Also Known As “I Hate You… Bitches!”

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Portal is the reason video games are made.

Opener: Half-Life – Nuclear Mission Jam
Ender: Portal – Still Alive

I guess this ending theme has spoilers, but I don’t care.

This show is about:

I meant “Toxic Avenger”, not “Swamp Thing”


Joel’s #1!


  • The honor of Total Recall went to that villainous Sean “Hollywood” Hunting.

    I always liked Mark more than Dick anyway.

  • Ian

    Put Burt Reynolds in it and add in a moonshine crime element (’cause these Sci-Fi Origies always have to have a scheming pseudo-badguy in them) modify the name to White Lightnin’ Train and it’ll print it’s own money.

  • Tim

    What makes Portal all the better for me is the knowledge that the model for Chell (your main character) is also the voice of the turrets and GladOS. It gives this sort of strange disturbed psychological self destructive aspect to the story, which just ramps up the schadenfreude humor for me.