Show #151: There is No Space Monkey Heaven

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This Episode Also Known As “Gun is a Euphemism for Penis”

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Opener: Halo 2 – The Last Spartan
Ender: Halo 3 – Finish the Fight

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Mike Haggar

Howie Mandel

Dual Wielding Plasma Rifles

  • Congratulations on being the only reviewers to call Bungie on the pointless Crazy Cortana bullshit. She’s spouting all this generic creepy little girl garbage, the whole game, then when you find her, she is like, “I’m sick” and master cheif is like “I promised I’d get you” And she is like, “OK!” I mean, they made you stop playing for 5-20 seconds 4 times a level to listen to her, and there is NO PAYOFF. At least she doesn’t sing any old nursery ryhmes in a falsetto voice (Ring Around the Rosie, anyone?), that would be balls.

    Also, I am seeing PROFESSIONAL reviewers calling her frequent interuptions “flashbacks”. What the fuck? Is it a flashback to the last time Cortana was being stupid?