Show #150: It Gets the Blood Up

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This Episode Also Known As “Your Real Fantasy is to be a Pirate who has Sex with a Woman in Cybernetic Armor?”

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In this episode Joel and I begin the terror of Bubblegum Crisis: Tinsel City.

Opener: Bubblegum Crisis – Konya Wa Harriken
Gangsta Bounce – Wolfpack

This show is about:

Haute Tension hot chicks

Hardsuits inside of Hardsuits

  • What kind of goddamn wannabe Bubblegum Crisis fans are you that can’t remember that Linna’s attack is the Knuckle BOMBER? Knuckle Buster considering that not even Jeeg would be caught dead using that attack name (and he can’t even remember to put on pants)?

    Oh that’s right: emasculated types who don’t appreciate the comedy of Andy Garcia’s ever-changing accent in Smokin’ Aces such that they spoil it in its near-entirety. Between this and the unjustified dislike of Crank (both part of what is known as an emerging “Daryl Surat” genre of film, as in “films made solely to appeal to me”), I suspect that the REAL Dave Riley has been replaced by one who turned in his testicles at the concession stand as he went to learn the divine secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood in exchange for getting to have sex. What’s next, that Dave didn’t like Shoot ‘Em Up, or that he thinks Tina Fey is funny?

    You can keep your fancy-pants hand-mounted flechette launchers and monomolecular ribbons, because deep down, once you look past trivial things like color schemes, Sylia’s hardsuit is where it’s at. Flight capability + dual guns + dual swords + DUAL KNUCKLE BOMBERS~! = recognize.

  • I was too busy typing in a fit of rage to say “It couldn’t be,” as in “It couldn’t be Knuckle Buster considering that not even Jeeg…”

    The stinging blow of an inability to edit posts due to an insistence upon not signing up for or reading additional forums, WHATEVA