Show #148: Japanese Wives Should Be Bitches

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This Episode Also Known As “Stoke the Slash Flames”

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In this episode Joel and I are SOOOO BOOOOREDBy Samurai X: Reflections.

Opener: Fat Jon and Nujabes – Hiji Suru Style
Fat Jon and Nujabes – Hiji Suru Style

This show is about:


Rubber butt


  • Diddgery

    I’m fairly certain you guys don’t care in the slighest, but Sanosuke pronounced “sa-no-skay,” like most Japanese names that end in -suke are pronounced. Like Sasuke. Of course, when I say Sasuke I refer to the Sasuke from Mystical Ninja and not the Sasuke from Naruto. Because Mystical Ninja is so much better, and is also a video game series.

  • Shakma looks awesome. Too bad I can’t find it on netflix. Hey, Black Lagoon Vol 3 is out. I hope they made some more music, instead of re-using the boss music from House of the Dead 2.

    Hey, how come no one ever reviews Crying Freeman? I always avoided it at blockbuster because of the cover (I was 12, ok?). I finally saw it and was amazed. I like how it goes from respecting women as equals in the first volume, to being super misogenistic (sp). The drop in overall quality happens at the same time. Funny stuff.

    Also, how about Cybercity 808? It’s like Cowboy Bebop without the awesome music. Be sure to get the edition with all 3 episodes on one disk.