Show #147: We’re Still Doing This, I Guess

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This Episode Also Known As “Martin Luther King Jr, King of Dragons”

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In this episode Joel and I ramble incessantly to celebrate our Second Anniversary.

Opener: Aqua Teen Hunger Force – Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary
Atom and His Package – Happy Birthday, Ralph

This show is about:


Street Fighter 2


  • All right, I’m good for something! Wait, what is that?

    You people and your “charisma,” able to devote multiple episodes to quality titles such as MD Geist, Angel Cop, Doomed Megalopolis, and soon Bubblegum Crisis/Crash. I seethe with jealousy.

    I don’t know if 2040 really warrants multiple podcasts since most of that show consisted of being stuck in a warehouse or animating a motorcycle jump through the magic of dragging and dropping instead of Chiaki Konaka Forgot To Write An Ending.

    Two years of mostly on-time releases. Curse you!