Show #141: What Happened to Mod Squad France?

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This Episode Also Known As “First Off, I Thought This Show Was About Robots”

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In this episode Joel and I are unconvinced LE CHEVALIER D’EON!

Opener: Ranma 1/2 – Zettai Part 2
Sting, Rod Stewart, and Bryan Adams – All For Love

This show is about:

This “D’eon” guy


  • Ian

    Cool. You guys can review this one and then I’ll determine if it’s worth checking out. I’ve heard some interesting things but I’ve also heard some stuff that makes me think I’ll find it lame.

  • I bet that villainous PT Chapman–who spent money to own and watch Samurai Deeper Kyo as well as Desert Punk–is turbo-mooning his monitor in triumphant validation, but when you’re a person whose favorite shows include Legend of the Galactic Heroes and The Rose of Versailles, it takes far, far more to break your resolve. Then again, you did watch a lot more of the series than I did when I reviewed it. Still, the presence of the Comte de Saint Germain in a story = all other possible flaws invalidated.

    In a fit of rage brought on by delivering 12 pounds of fish to what amounted to an empty home, I purchased an HDTV. People are telling me to get a Xbox 360 so we can coop play through Halo 3 over Live when it comes out (and somewhere along the way I’ve got to get Dead Rising, Gears of War, and Bioshock), but I was trying to hold out until the 65nm chips were released. But that’s not until Christmas. Then there’s this HD DVD/Blu-Ray format war to consider. Blu-Ray seems the way to go, but with Universal being HD DVD only, I have only one option for seeing the ultimate supreme-o edition of The Chronicles of Riddick, starring Keith David.

    These are difficult decisions.

  • Tim

    Y’know, when I bought the manga, I discussed the series with someone who had seen the first few episodes, and we basically determined there was nothing in common between the book and the show save the premise, but even then I wouldn’t have imagined the show was this big of a pile of shit.