Show #137: But I Believe in Plan Hug!

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This Episode Also Known As “I’m The Most Beautiful Girl In Inuyasha”

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In this episode Joel and I dominate the shit out of Daryl Surat’s Angel Cop review.

Opener: Resident Evil: Code Veronica – The Code is Veronica
Resident Evil Nemesis – Unfortunate Event

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Psychic Motorcycles

  • Wait, so you guys think up and write down jokes ahead of time? All this time I thought you were just charismatic.

    Oh well. Feel free to “steal” future reviews out from under me as you see fit. As you have already done with Barefoot Gen. See? I was just paying you back, but then you thought you were paying me back, and this is why the Arabs and Jews hate each other.

    Well, that and the whole Angel Cop thing.