Show #136: Here Comes The Hug Monster

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This Episode Also Known As “Devoting Two Episodes To Spite”

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In this episode Joel and fail to preempt Daryl Surat in talking about Angel Cop. (banned)

Opener: Scorpions – Wind of Change
Body Count – KKK Bitch

This show is about:

Denim Jacket

Straight Jump Jacking

Joel has my Angel Cop DVD so I just stole this picture
from WO instead of making a gif like we promised.

  • Ian

    As a person holding a Bachelor’s degree in Biology it behooves me to point out that your average optic nerve is between 20mm – 30 mm (taken from Gray’s Anatomy (not that stupid show) the medical book). If these anime guys want their art to be taken seriously they need to get this stuff right.

  • Yeah, but these are COMMUNIST optic nerves. I still say it was two shots to the body, two to the head. COLORADO STYLE.

    Stole from “WO”? I’m slowly realizing that nothing I say in my reviews is actually retained, in the event they’re listened to at all…JOEL.

    …and DAVE too, actually…

    PS: None of those paragraphs were copied from Wikipedia, and the file link was to a Gerald-approved segment of TAL which was the subject at hand. As PT Chapman was informed, I’m the Hunter Zolomon of anime podcasters: making you better through tragedy.

  • It saddens me how little you’ve learned in our time together, Daryl.

    I don’t listen to anyone unless they’re directly talking about me.

  • It’s true. The MegaUpload file was not (as I immediately suspected it to be) synapse-burstingly horrible pornography, but rather a sad, amusing radio article about a program-scheduler for the Oxygen Network learning much to her chagrin that her core audience was dumb as ten kilograms of dead mackerel wrapped in equally dumb plastic.

    I kind of like how Daryl now refers to me as PT Chapman. It makes me feel…Space Age.

    Angel Cop was a huge hit at Daryl’s Bad Anime panel at AFO; no doubt this will make it harder for us all to find used DVDs of it on eBay and Amazon. Thanks a lot, Daryl. ;-p

    (Also, Daryl stole at least two Dave Riley Originals during that same panel.)