Show #133: Nobody Ate Shepherd’s Pie

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In this episode Joel and I hit up some deja vu with the Hellsing OVA.

Opener: Trigun – H.T. (by: Tsuneo Imahori)
Tay Zonday – Chocolate Rain

I just noticed that we made and AIDS joke in this podcast as well as the previous Hellsing podcast. What up with that?

This show is about:

Mystery Bags!

The Return of Vampire Titties!

Freddy Mercurcy (not in the middle ages, yet)

  • “If you can come back from being decapitated, your show has nothing that could possibly be interesting about it!”

    I’m glad to see that you have finally reached enlightenment and come around to my point of view regarding Ninja Scroll. You must now rescind your previous review of Ninja Scroll.

  • It’s different if you’re a bad guy and you get your come uppance (and it only happens once, fiery river of gold optional).

  • I liken Gemma’s demise to an upward career move as future Oscar statuette model…

  • And if, Daryl, the show has the hero being decapitated and still going on to win for King and Country then what the fuck is he going to next!?!

    Still from the way D&J descibed the story, it’s sad that it can’t seem to sustain itself after that…

  • David D.

    Chocolate Rain is worse than swearing. And worse than calling names :( Do you guys move away from the mic to breathe in?

  • I DO NOW!


  • reanimejoe

    Wow, you guys didn’t even have to make it to the third installment of this ova to realize it sucked… I am jealous. I had to wait till I saw “Card Shark McGee” and good ol Blimp of Power before it hit me like a freaking acme anvil.

    If this is what the manga was like, I am happy I saved my money.

  • Doctor President

    Hey. I liked it