Show #131: If You Kill Their Boss, They Will Have SEX With You

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In this episode Joel and I make one of our best podcasts ever thanks to M.D. Geist.

Opener: M.D. Geist – Merciless Soldier (by: Hironobu Kageyama)
M.D. Geist – Violence of the Flames(by: Hironobu Kageyama)

This show is about:

The man, the myth, the legend: Kageyama

Weapons of the Future


  • Spoilers for Way of the Gun: what happened in Baltimore was Otakon.

  • Ian

    I know all you pod-dwellers talk about this one like it’s 16 metric tons of sheer awfulness but I haven’t seen it yet and it sounds hilarious (much like Roadhouse or Commando).

  • eric

    Why you gotta be hatin’ on Doctor Geist? Keep it up, and I just might haveta bust out my FightTech armor and school y’all on the realistics of the Most Dangerous playas.
    Nothin’ personal; tha’s just how we kick it up in the Brainhouse. For reals.