We’re at Otakon this weekend. Pertinent Info:

We are doing a podcasting panel in Panel Room 2 with Ninja Consultants, and Gerald from AWO and other people. It is on Friday night at 11:00 or 11:30 or something. Come watch me be incredibly bored (and antsy). I may play gameboy WHILE on the panel.

We have an Artist’s Alley table. I don’t know why, since Skabs isn’t coming down this year, but we have it. We are table R13 on the map below. R13 should be easy to find, because it’s straight back from the entrance, but I imagine we’ll be spending more time at the Ninja Consultant’s table than our own. I don’t know what their table is. Do they have one? Maybe they want ours?

We’re having a party Saturday night. I presume it’ll be a 9:00 or 10:00 pm affair. You must be 21+, no exceptions even if you’re a “totally cool dude”. Safety first, folks. We don’t know what room we’re staying at, but we’re in the Radisson. Sometime tomorrow (Saturday) I’ll change the voice mail to tell you what room the party is. The number is (206) 666 3278. We’ll have beer and dreamcast.

See you at the convention

Artist’s alley image: