Show #130: Asteroids Wanna Get Liquored Up

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In this episode Joel and I are super enthused about Super Stardust HD.

Opener: Killer 7 – Rave On (by: Masafumi Takada)
Resident Evil 4 – HUNK
(by: Misao Senbongi)

This show is about:

Jem and the Holograms

Rope Chains

Peach Cider

  • Registering to post comments as a spam workaround? Bah! I might just as well have registered for the forums. Word verification keeps the spammers out of my hair. Also, I’m not entirely sure whether the comments box shows up in Firefox or not. It wasn’t yesterday, anyway.

    The villain in Jem was an evil record executive and the devious girl rock band known as the Misfits (and later still a Eurotrash trio known as the Stingers). The actual band The Misfits decided to not sue over the name since they figured nobody on the planet would ever mistake one for the other. THAT WAS THEIR MISTAKE.

    Ben Affleck, Action Hero is the most superior Ben Affleck and among the only Ben Afflecks I will watch. The same is true for Nicolas Cage, Action Hero.

    Technically, the PS3 hasn’t dropped in price since they’re not going to continue making the 60 GB model anymore. Also, as you predicted, the new PS3s won’t have the Emotion Engine for hardware PS2 emulation, which means that if I wanted a PS3, the time to get one would be right now. Except I have no television.

  • ReVerve

    Yes, Data had an evil twin. His name was Lore. Although he should have had a moustache and goatee so that it would be more obvious that he was evil.

    I know, very vital information.

    I also recently finished my normal run on Sigma ranking in the low 300’s at the time. Certainly worth the tripple dip into this series.