Show #128: Strumming the Air With Her Breasts

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In this episode Joel obsesses Folksoul (/Folklore?) and I want to marry Ninja Gaiden Sigma.

AKA: Ninja Gaiden: Big Ass Titties That Move Like Jello, No Seriously Guys This Might Be a Bit Much. Really, Guys, Come On.

Couldn’t find pictures of Folksoul, so here’s more Ninja Gaiden:

Opener: Viewtiful Joe – The Midnight Thunderboy (by: Masami Ueda)
Viewtiful Joe – Farewell to a Formidable Foe (by: Masami Ueda)

I loves me some Alastor

This show is about:

Flied Lice

Big Ole Titties (sorry, Bubel)

Cat Helmets