Show #126: This Accomplishes The Idea of Gravy

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In this episode Joel and I “care a lot” about The Darkness.

Opener: Faith No More – Epic
Faith No More – We Care a Lot

As a special 4th of July bonus, I put all of “We Care A Lot” at the end of this. BECAUSE THAT SONG IS SO GREAT. WOO.

This show is about:

Mike Patton

Solar Eclipses<

50-50 Bars

  • Ian

    My PE teacher in High School Coach Patton was Mike’s Dad.

  • RJ Bubel

    Oh damn I want to get me some 50-50 bars now. Darn you Dave and Joel, and a happy fourth of July.

  • MitchyD

    Hmm, I don’t think they used voice enhancement on Patton – Well, they had to have used SOME, but the fucked up voice distortion was alllll Patton.

  • kolibri

    I saw a solar eclipse a few years back and it got pretty dark. And really really creepy… so unnatural – it got cold and birds stopped singing, one of the weirdest things I’ve ever experienced.

  • Colin

    I’d say that you guys are the Wario-Ware of podcasts, everyone likes you, you don’t take much time, and you’re simple. Anime World Order would be the Zelda of podcasts…

  • It used to be awesome and now it’s really boring and has too many stupid, pointless sidequests?

    I’m not sure if that’s much of a compliment, Colin. :(

  • I think he means the original Warioware Dave

  • I was talking about Zelda.

  • Kamon

    Faith No More. Rad.

  • I thought my sidequest was awesome.

  • Uhmm sorry my bad . I still love AWO though.

  • Spammers ahoy!

  • Pfft Whatever.AWO is good and you knows it !

  • It looks like Fast Karate will have to begin using those squiggly-lettered comment verification forms. Seriously, who thinks spamming shit like this is worthwhile?

  • Reading comprehension GET!

    I don’t hate AWO, I hate Zelda.

  • Colin

    We’re talking Zelda II, Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The classics. But if we need to change the metaphor, they’re the Metal Gear, and Daryl Surat is Snake, and Gerald is Raiden.

  • Bahahaha

  • I thought Daryl was Billy Fish, and Gerald was Clyde the Bartender with the huge pompadour. Clarissa is definitely McCoy. Oh… wait… wrong metaphor.

  • Given the constant amount of arguing that Billy Fish and McCoy engage in, I am going to have to advocate the position that Gerald is Billy Fish. I am quite obviously Tom Cody, even though I’ll fess up to sometimes needing to deliver multiple right hooks to the jaw to achieve my desired effect.

    Maybe Gerald is Rupert Kesseling and Clarissa is Dominique Saint-Pierre. This makes Dave Oliver Poplan and Joel Ivan Konev. I am of course The J.C.P.V.O.~!.

    This all started with that Getter Robo analogy, didn’t it.

  • This is the definitive line-up.

    Dave is Lord John Whorfin, and Joel is John Bigboote.

    Daryl is Rawhide, and Gerald is New Jersey. Clarissa is Penny Priddy.

    Erin (NC) is John Emball, and Noah (NC) is John Parker.

    Mike Dent is Perfect Tommy. Paul Chapman is Secretary of Defense McKinley. Dave Merrill is Casper Lindley, and Jeff Tatarek is Scooter Lindley. Carl Horn is John O’Connor. Steve Harrison is Professor Hikita. Patrick Macias is Buckaroo Banzai.

    Did I miss anyone?

  • You got me in Mike’s place and Mike in my place. :/

  • In answer to your question, it’s Shiwan Khan who fights The Shadow.

    Maybe that’s an lineup: Dave(Fast) as the Shadow, Daryl(AWO) as Shiwan, Clarissa(AWO) as Margo, Mike Dent(R5) as Wainwright Barth, Gerald(AWO) as Farley Claymore, Noah(NC) as Moe Shrevnitz, Erin(NC) as Dr. Reinhardt Lane and Joel(Fast) as Dr. Roy Tam.