Show #125: They Better Friggin’ Like Akira

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In this episode Joel and I are SO TOTALLY INTO Akira.

Opener: Akira – Kaneda (by: Shoji Yamashiro)
Akira – Exodus From The Underground Fortress (by: Shoji Yamashiro)

This show is about:

Cam Clarke


Akira Clowns

Keith David

Kicking Some Fucking Clowns Off Some Fucking Bikes (and pink shirts)

  • Chronocross_xp

    Akira is so AWESOME , I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow to listen to this :P

  • Moises

    OMG! I think I caught some of your psychic impulses because I just finished watching Akira minutes before the podcast was posted. My mind has been blown.



  • Ian

    Awesome, I’m trying to get my brother to watch this one. I’ll listen to the podcast and use your exegesis to help me convince him of it’s greatness. Thanks again.

  • Victor

    This was an awesome episode guys. Instead of kicking clowns off bikes, I like clowns crashing on to peoples heads.

    (27 seconds into the clip)

  • RJ Bubel

    Awesome episode as always, and thanks for standing up for Zelda II. That makes you super awesome in my book, also how the hell did you beat Act Raiser Dave? That final level just keeps kicking my ass, maybe I need better magic. And yes Joel ya did pronounced my name wrong……Rubel? But that’s alright you live on East Coast and the Bubel on that side say it like how Dave originally said it. Boo-bol, whereas the west coast Bubel pronounced it Bu-bol…not Bubble. Damn this podcast makes me want to watch Akira, I think I am going to watch that after I get done with work today.

    Super sweet episode, I am a little concerned when are we getting back to bad anime? Are you by any chance going to review The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya? I’d like to see what ya say about that, the backlash could be insane.

  • One of the best episodes yet with the great review of Akira. What I love about this podcast is how we think alike. I was driving home and actually yelled “Kaneda” nearly in unison with Dave when he was telling his high school anecdote. I got hooked into anime via Robotech on TV although I didn’t know it was “Anime” until I saw Akira. Thanks for the podcast, gentlemen.

  • Jeff Barron

    Speaking of review requests. LOL give “kimi ga nozomu eien” a try. I bet that review would be funny. ;)

  • Have you guys read the Akira manga? You should.

  • I’ve read probably about a third of the Akira manga, and I like it despite not liking manga, but as I was describing to a friend only yesterday, I don’t think anything is going to top the “woof woof woof” scene of Kaneda stealing the gun from Kei. I don’t know why that scene has become so iconic for me, but it’d be too tough to top. Better to wallow in my ignorance where the rest of Akira is concerned.

  • NthDegree256

    My impression of Dave ‘n Joel’s tastes over the many many moons during which I have been listening to this podcast is that they are a lot less forgiving than I am. If there’s a show or video game that has some really high points, and some really low points, I’m more inclined to like it overall, while the only two men known to have mastered all thirty-seven speeds of karate and LIVE TO TELL THE TALE are more likely to deem the whole experience soured.

    As such, I expect they wouldn’t look too favorably upon The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, because while I give it a thumbs up overall, it is most definitely a show designed to appeal to as many different fanbases as possible, and the black hole of moe known as Mikuru may be more than enough to cripple the show, even if it does have hard rockin’ guitar, an epic space battle, psychedelic cyber fights, the ONLY SANE ANIME MALE LEAD EVER, and some of the most gorgeous animation ever to grace a TV show.

    Still, 14 episodes isn’t too much compared to some of the other shows they’ve taken a crack at, so I’d like to hear them give it a shot, too.

  • Dustin

    When I first told one of my friends that I had ordered Akira from that RightStuf sale, the first thing he said was, “Ugh. That movie’s pretty violent,” in a slightly condescending tone, as if to say he disapproved of my purchase. Of course, I know better than to take seriously the opinion of someone who owns DearS manga and isn’t ashamed of it. Hell, the friend I know who watched Elfen Lied wouldn’t touch DearS. At least I have my Boba Fett-fanatic friend, who likes mecha, guns, and Samurai X, to compensate for my Akira-disliking friend’s borderline lolita complex.

    And I agree that Dave and (the) Joel should check out Haruhi. It definitely had its low points, but its high points were really high. Yuki’s cyber fight and the scene where Haruhi spoofs Phoenix Wright immediately spring to mind as two of my favorite moments. Plus, something tells me Dave and Joel could flex their mental muscle on the story, similar to how they psychoanalyzed Getter Robo.

    In closing, I hope my Akira DVD arrives sometime this decade. Whoever said that RightStuf takes forever to send their orders…well, I’m beginning to suspect that you might be right.

  • If loving Akira makes you a loser, than I don’t want to win.

    This podcast is awesome, and holy crap, you guys are in Philly! Cool podcasters that live near me! So far you have helped keep me sane at my incredibly boring job for a little while longer. I feel like I owe you a beer, or something.