Show #124: Covered in Slimy Boobs

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In this sub-par episode Joel and I have nothing to say, and mostly talk about trying to find sailors. We apologize

Opener: Godhand Gene’s Rock-A-Bye (by: Masafumi Takada)
Godhand Gene’s Rock-A-Bye (by: Masafumi Takada)

I hope awesome Japanese takes on the Hawaii Five-O themesong alleviate your grief at this terrible episode.

This show is about:

Finding Sailors

Costa del Sol

Rachel. Don’t worry, we still hate her… I think?

  • Cogswell Pepperbox

    Oh, Rachel, no one understands me like you do!

  • Thomas P

    I think I liked the kids and their constant desire to play sports the most in Shenmue.

  • Slimy Boobs Are Still Awesome In My Book

  • Gregg Guffanti

    This podcast wasn’t as bad as you advertised. I want my money back or for you to stop selling yourselves so short.

  • kolibri

    Oh come on, it was pretty random. Having a subject to talk about really does help ;)

  • Bah, random Dave & Joel is better than some podcasts can muster with an ironclad script!

  • Do you guys purposely leave the audio levels uneven? I had my speaker on high, and I hear Dave screech like an orangutan. I nearly sh1t myself… goddamn. Lay off the Pockey, man.