Show #123: Who Have I Always Wanted to Sleep With? Golgo 13.

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In this episode Joel waffles on the quality of Cyborg 009-1 and I remain true to form and talk about sex instead.

Opener: Phantom Limb – Fast Karate for the Gentleman
Violence Mars – Fast Karate

Double Fast Karate Themesong Episode!

This show is about:

Rocky Tats

AC Slater

Breast Machineguns (and stealing pictures from AWO)

  • Hey guys, another great show, the opening song was awesome too =)

    I listen to the show before I see the title, and try to guess it, and my money was on “Psychic Judo”, or possibly “Lesbo Double Cross”.

  • “Lesbo Double Cross” was one of the forerunners, as was “Gomez Gomez: Double Gomez”

  • Victor C.

    Best opening I have heard on this show.

  • I steal from you and in turn get stolen from by you as well. The circle of theft is complete.

    Be that as it may, I think the best images to steal from regarding the subject matter at hand would have been from the 6/18/07 edition of Shelf Life on ANN, mirrored for the same of avoiding the image leech protection:

  • Not enough Tabletop Booty screen caps! Great new opening!

  • Colin

    AC Slater got hit with the fugly stick, twice.

    I really, really want to check out this show now after you and AWO’s reviews.

  • wraith1701

    O.K., I have to give you guys props. Your show is freaking hilarious!

    You guys are like podcast crack, only without the life and soul destroying side effects. I was hooked from the first listen, and each successive podcast leaves me wanting more.

    Great job guys; keep ’em coming!

  • RobotBastard

    Can be converted into frozen YOGURT DISPENSER?!

    Okay, that’s just…right, actually, now that I think about it…

  • I just had to comment that I love how the new theme song was made using Guitar Hero II. You should get the guy to do a live performance of the song.