Show #122: A Woman’s Gift is in the Trail of Her Tears! Attack!! Black Denim?!

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In this episode I finally get off my ass and spend 8+ hours editing our fake robot show: Atomic Warrior: Valiant Denim.

The cast of Valiant Denim is as follows:

Ninja Consultants

Erin as Mikoto Akage
Noah as the Narrator

Weekly Anime Review

Aaron as Dr. Akage

The Greatest Movie EVER

Paul Chapman (ER I MEAN, COGSWELL PEPPERBOX) as Cogswell Pepperbox

Anime World Order

Clarissa as Basara
Gerald as Ajado
Daryl as Shine


Rym and Scott as Polonius and Laertes


Tim and Ralph as Polonius and Laertes Reborn

Fast Karate for the Gentleman

Dave as Seiji Sanada
Jerry as Musashi Kodo
Special Guest Star Grumps as Princess Alcadia
Joel as Fortinbras
And MYSTERY VOICE as Onimaru, Pilot of the Black Denim

This show is about:

Being surprised by weird lines when recording for fake robot shows

  • RobotBastard

    It’s like the Terminator and Daryl Surat had a baby and it grew up.

  • That was pure awesomeness. I demand you make another!

  • Wow, it’s just like R5 Central!

  • I just want to point out that we have no out-takes because we are PERFECT.

  • kolibri

    That was… interesting.

    My favorite performance was actually from Gerald, he put some great drama into his lines. Erin was pretty good too.

  • I want in on the next one. Hell, I’ll even volunteer to edit the beast.

  • I really love it when all my favorite podcasters come together to do these enactments. They always seem to just make my day. But I like that they are few and far between, it just makes them that much better.

    Also, like Jeff, I want in on the next one, but that’s not likely to happen since I’m pretty much a nobody. All I have to my name is one crappy episode of AnimeRoundTable (really, avoid that shit). Oh well, maybe if I work hard enough, I can make anything come true!

  • Thomas P

    Great, Clarissa kills the first Denim team because she’s not royalty. Good going….

  • Derek

    Great episode, everyone seemed much more in sync than in the Anime World Order episode, though I suspect that’s because they knew the context of what they were saying. Then again, that was hilarious for entirely different reasons.

  • That was pure awesomeness. It might have been a bitch to edit, but man that was fantastic. That Dr. Akage is one sexy professor!

  • Colin

    Daryl Surat once again proving that hes one of the most powerful men alive.

  • If you strike Shine down he will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

  • Sony_CEO

    Obi-Wan didn’t scream like a little bitch before he died. That was the sign that he would become more powerful.
    Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Shine.

  • Hoth

    All my favorite podcasters in one podcast? Brilliant! I demand more, regardless of the logistics involved.

  • You’ve created a monster. I could listen to that every week. Hell, I listened to it three times in a row yesterday. My favourite line delivery has got to be Gerald’s “Trick… shots?” Outstanding.

  • That was awesome guys , you deserve 2 weeks off for doing that :) And then you can start reviewing Love Hina and Ranma.

  • Jeff Barron

    I liked it. All of you sounded like you could be in an dub. Some of you sounded like you could of been in a a higher quality dub than others but.. LOL.
    Who wrote it?

    I thought Dave, Daryl, Gerald and Clarissa were fantastic. I didn’t recognize Joel’s voice so I guess he did a good job too. :) Chapman was hilarious, his character reminded me of Snarf.

    Loved it.. Radio drama used to be a huge before television. It would be interesting to see more podcasts used as an interactive audio fiction broadcast vehice.

  • Ian

    “The taste of oblivion” … nice. I can’t wait for episode/session/book/rouge 2(II).

  • Onomarchus

    Thank you. I adore audio dramas, and this was an addictive nugget of joy. I can’t imagine any regular listeners not loving this and not wanting more of the same, especially if it’s a collaboration.

    More. More! Must have more, Doctor Who audios are no longer enough to quell my hunger, this expanded craving is on your head.

    (I do wish this sort of thing would counter-supplant American TV, especially now that The Sopranos is over. I mean, why not?)