Show #120: Mitsuki-san Got the BUSINESS Applied

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In this episode Joel and I speak at length on Tenchu games both old and new.

Opener: Tenchu 3 – Sadame (by: addu’a)
Tenchu – Sudden Attack of the Southern Barbarians (by: Noriyuki Asakura)

This show is about:

Arsenio Hall


The Total Gym

Bayer-Vision Kung Fu

  • Kamon

    Oh snap, I fucking love the Tenchu games, even the lackluster Tenchu 2…I can’t wait to listen to this episode.

  • kolibri

    I used to watch Marshal Law! Because Sammo Hung is cool, no matter what you say. His earlier stuff he did with Jackie was priceless.

  • Chippy

    Hey guy’s.
    Just after listening to the podcast. Some pretty damn good insight,but I’m still probably gonna go and buy the game(Along with Overlord,as a game to go back to when I get bored :D)Meh,say what you will,we Irish never listen anyway’s!
    Anyway’s,,,,what was i gonna say…Oh yeah!Dave,I got a tip for you on killing the boss:hit him in water,seem’s that ninja’s(alongside samurai’s)can’t swim for shit.Joel,I think the long jump with the roll is left trigger and A,pretty fun for jumping up rooftop’s!
    Meh,well,may finish this off,it ain’t a letter.Thank’s for the insight,and telling me how to grappel!(damn,I forgot about that,may play Tenchu 2 again!)

  • RJ Bubel

    Oh god the total gym…probably one of the funnier paid programs on TV…

    Also it looks like you get to do Barefoot Gen again! This time in live action!

  • Doug

    Blink-182, Dave? Seriously?

  • I bet Arsenio Hall spends every night thinking of the glory days of his talk show and being in Coming to America. Ah, THOSE were the days. When nobody knew who Samuel L. Jackson was, so when he stormed into that fast food restaurant all yelling and screaming and being angry while waving around a gun in the fashion that would make him so highly coveted, him and Eddie could just unscrew that broomstick handle and TAKE CARE OF THINGS.

    But even in Arsenio Hall’s wildest dreams of glory, all he can do is watch Eddie Murphy beat up Samuel L. Jackson. He can’t even perform the beating himself, which only reminds him of how by the time he was on Martial Law, Kelly Hu was probably off the show (doing important things like wearing that scandalous outfit she had on in The Scorpion King, which I saw in theaters), thus ruining his chance to LIVE THE DREAM.

    Samuel L. Jackson lived the dream with Kelly Hu, albeit in cartoon form.

  • Colin

    A Tenchu movie with Arsenio Hall as Rikimaru?… Am I onto something golden here? Black men make the best ninjas.

  • Anonymous

    Sho Kosugi and Lee Van Cleef would like a word with you.

  • Guess what, guys? You’re Internet Famous!

    “Another one worth checking out is Fast Karate for the Gentleman, which I only recently started listening to occasionally, but the guys who do it have a pretty good non-obsessive outlook on anime. They ramble a bit about pop culture, which is amusing if you like that sort of thing, and they cover video games as well as anime, so there’s a lot of content and it’s all worth listening to.”

  • Spankminister

    You know, Anonymous, I hope John Peter McAllister and Max show up in the next Tenchu game, just so Rikimaru and Ayane can put an end to their van-touring escapades.

  • Anonymous

    Rikimaru is no match for a man who wears a butterfly necklace. THAT takes guts.

    And you should listen to Jeff Tatarek’s podcast. I hear he’s pretty fly for a white guy.

  • We don’t take kindly , to shameless self promotion round here