Show #119: Tiny Monkey: Publishing Magnate

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In this episode Joel and I are at a loss re: Requiem from the Darkness.

Opener: Action Music From Detective Conan
Boogiepop Phantom – Miraiseiki Maruhi Club

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Tabletop Booty


Boss Roach

  • RJ Bubel

    Like said in a previous email, if ya haven’t it all, baby you ain’t seen nothing yet. You guys better come back to this when you have seen all of it. Because this show is sick…sickly awesome.

    P.S. Dave how does it feel to be a phone sex star?

  • …I didn’t know I was? :/

  • RJ Bubel

    Women are pleasuring themselves to your voice, now if you had a paypal link and that person ‘donated’ to you, doesn’t that make you sort of a phone sex operator?

    What wrongs with this podcast! I like how you describe your podcast by facial reaction, we’d all like to see it too. Maybe the hobo face was really interesting, but guess what I can’t see it.

    Dave and (the) Joel people get killed in many way on this show if you finished this series, also the author does have this development (well hopefully you’ll see it) as the story goes on. I think the title Requiem from the Darkness is trying to confuse people into thinking it’s Requiem for a dream….I’d imagine the same people who like would dig this show.

    Witchblade is completed, it originally aired in April of last year. And Funimation has already licensed it, and so hopefully you’ll be able to review that. I can’t say if it good or not, but I am sure both of ya will tell me in good time.

    Also Dave if you hit yourself with a hammer you’d probably only remember up to that sex scene, and also have a huge bump on your head.

    P.S. What was name of that show that makes fun of Criss (What the hell is with that spelling? Of look it’s almost like Christ, lol) Angel?

  • Hoth

    Ummm…. Where can I get a framed 8×10 of the Major?

  • RJ Bubel

    Also no discussion on the music? I think that theme songs are both pretty unique, how can you not like that slow little melody at the end of each episode? Also Ms. Tabletop Booty 2, her name is Ogin, and her power is being sexy…

  • kolibri

    RJ, are you still drunk ;)

    I’ve never paid for sex… always saw it as a (non-monetary) give and take. You know, they pleasure me, so I want to pleasure them, so they want to pleasure me…

  • Like Tammy Wynette, I’m standing by my review:

  • RobotBastard

    How many times have you posted that picture of Kusanagi’s arse? This is, what, the third time?

  • Third time if you’re LUCKY.

    That picture is like Plato’s concept of the Ideal Booty. It bears repeating.

  • RJ Bubel

    Kolibri, I am at work and am hungover. At it sucks, I am working another 12 hours day today and possible one tomorrow. I think tonight I am really going to get hammered to drown my sorrows.

    @RobotBastard: The question is why wouldn’t they post that image every time they release an episode, that booty it sure to come up in every episode regardless of the topic.

    P.S. I like Van Wilder, and Waiting….and there starting a second waiting soon.

  • Spankminister

    My favorites are “Old Scratch,” “Shaitan the Deceiver”, and “Author of all Lies”

  • The Joel

    That butt is so comically absurd that reference to it never fails to make me laugh.

  • It should also be worth noting that the entirety of Requiem From the Darkness is available as part of the Right Stuf “10 DVDs for $50 or 25 DVDs for $100” sale. That’s about $5 or $5 a disc. It’s hard to top getting an entire series for $16-$20, even if it’s just a show that’s okay.

    However: Human Crossing, Ikki Tousen, and Koi Kaze are also part of this sale. Be careful.

  • I just wanted to point out that they’re not “making” a Witchblade anime, it’s already been done for a while. They’re just now bringing it over here. And from what I’ve heard, it’s crap, so don’t bother.

    P.S. I can never get enough of the Badonkadonk (with a capital B).

  • Dustin

    It should also be worth noting that the entirety of Requiem From the Darkness is available as part of the Right Stuf ?10 DVDs for $50 or 25 DVDs for $100″ sale. That?s about $5 or $5 a disc. It?s hard to top getting an entire series for $16-$20, even if it?s just a show that?s okay.

    Wow. This is for ALL Geneon DVDs, right? So, I could get all the Trigun Remix DVDs, 3 discs of Samurai Champloo, AND Akira for only $50? Nice. Really, the only disappointing thing about that deal (other than what you’ve already stated) is that Cowboy Bebop and Porco Rosso aren’t part of it.

    Now I just have to convince my parents to let me whip out my debit card for this thing. Hmm…or I could say it’s an early birthday gift? Like, three months early?

    Or, if that fails, I could just go ahead and buy it and hope to God that I manage to get a job before the box arrives. Heheh. ^_^;

    That picture is like Plato?s concept of the Ideal Booty. It bears repeating.

    If such booty belonged to a girl any less awesome than The Major, I would be rolling my eyes. Such is not the case, however, so I must thank you for once again bringing joy to our lives via .jpg images.

  • Spankminister

    It should also be worth noting that the entirety of Requiem From the Darkness is available as part of the Right Stuf ?10 DVDs for $50 or 25 DVDs for $100″ sale.

    Wait, wait WAAAAIT.

    Requiem from the Darkess is by Geneon… But so is HAJIME NO IPPOU?!

    I think I just spent $50… in my pants.

    Dave, I fully expect you to use this sale to stock up on future podcast fodder shows like Hanakyo Maid Team and Kannazuki no Miko. I saw 5 minutes of the latter wherein a moe shrine maiden was forced by an assertive girl to try on dresses in her mansion. And the twist is that she’s SHY and EMBARRASSED to do so! Wah wah waaaaaah…

  • Man! That crazy reflection thing in subway windows has puzzled me for years. How can I see the reflection of someone sitting in front of me, at the far end of the train, nowhere near my window? IT IS THE DEVIL’S SORCERY!!!

    Seriously, man, how the hell?

  • Who runs Bartertown?


  • DAVE, YOU SMOKE? Now I understand why your voice is like a crusty, dying bluesman.

  • Well, on and off. I start and I stop.

  • n15pca

    You guys are lucky. I live in Phoenix and it?s all ready around 105 degrees day in and day out.

  • Diddgery

    Holy crap, you guys. You have that awesome action music from Case Closed. Any chance of telling me where you got it or uploading it so I could get it? I’ve been looking for it forever and the most I ever got of Case Closed music was the Japanese versions of the opening and ending theme (which I actually think are better in English).