Show #118: All of a Sudden… Frog Nunchucks

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In this episode Joel and I fall get really sullen about GameFAQs Message Boards and Odin Sphere.

Opener: Mega Man 2 – Okkusenman (Artist Unknown)
Handsome Boy Modeling School – Rock and Roll Could Never Hip Hop Like This (part 2)

I’m sorry, is Okkusenman the BEST SONG EVER?


This show is about:

Roy (that apple juice bottle is filled with whiskey)


Rising Upper

Legendary Wings

  • E

    That mega man song is awesome!!! I’m sure you got it from where i think you got it from…

  • Doug

    Tzatziki (as I’m sure you know)is a yogurt based sauce. Also – totally inferior to hummus. Seriously.

  • Yoless

    Nice, I installed Starcraft yesterday also…

  • Link to the opening song please. I loves me some Wily’s Castle.

  • RJ Bubel

    Awesome thank you Mr. Riley.

    I don’t remember any Apple juice Whiskey comments…maybe it’s because I was too was too busy looking at the new BevMo that’s opening soon.

    P.S. Thanks for saving me 50 bucks on this piece of crap game….I’m still way too busy with Link II and Milo Secret Castle.

  • I didn’t play too much of it, but I enjoyed Phantom Crash quite a bit. However, I deliberately avoided Phantom Dust since it engulfed the lives of several of my friends. One of my friends liked Phantom Dust so much, his girlfriend of three years–they were living together at this point–got mad that he was playing so much Phantom Dust instead of spending time with her. So he said “okay, I’ll only play it when you aren’t home.”

    Then she said “you know what, I don’t even want to see the case of that thing because just knowing it’s in this apartment is bad enough for me,” so he opted to hide it somewhere he thought she’d never check: inside his Cowboy Bebop DVD box. You know, that one people have been known to pay stupid amounts of money for.

    His fatal mistake was in the fact that 1. Xbox cases are that trademark bright green, and 2. he was friends with Daryl Surat, who upon visiting the place one time was obliged to state “holy crap, you have that Cowboy Bebop box which is highly coveted on the Internet!” upon seeing said box, thus prompting girlfriend to open the box, spot the one green case amidst the other black ones, remove the disc from its case…


    They broke up shortly afterwards. And that is why I never played Phantom Dust.

  • The Joel

    That is a great story Daryl. Phatom Dust was fun, but ruining a relationship fun? Maybe not.

  • Depends on the relationship. I think that would be an awesome story to tell.

    But then, I have a propensity for not getting attached, so a break-up like that is a match made in heaven.

  • the hahn

    Handsome boy modeling school is awesome. and now your show is double awesome.