Show #117: Thinking Outside of the Box (with torpedos)

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In this episode Joel and I obsess like crazy over BLACK LAGOON(!!!!!!!).

Seriously. Look how hot that goddamn box art is.

Opener: Black Lagoon – Don’t Stop! (by: EDISON)
Black Lagoon – Red Faction (by: Mell)

This show is about:

Raspberry Berets


The hottest chick in anime

  • Chronocross_xp

    I know that one already di it on the forums but whatever.

  • RJ Bubel

    So were finally doing good anime? I can’t wait till you review the second season (aka Second Barrage) where things go to the extreme.

  • A point of note:

    While I’m not sure what kind of armor you could slap on an assault helicopter without hindering its ability to fly, anti-tank rifles are generally useless when it comes to destroying tanks. Modern tank armor is too thick; the rounds that anti-tank rifles fire just bounce right off. That’s why anti-tank rifles have been replaced with bazookas and rocket-propelled grenades post-WWII. The fact that Revy even has an anti-tank rifle is either an indication of her eccentricity as a gun collector or an indication that the Black Lagoon crew can’t afford decent modern weaponry.

  • Drakonis

    Except for the few episodes with the creepy child assassins, Black Lagoon is Raw, Fist Pumping Awesomeness from beginning to end. For those who hate and can’t get over a torpedo boat taking out an assault helicopter, it’s called ‘Suspension of Disbelief’. The majority of Hollywood movies require it to some extent. e.g. The bulletproof flowers the Commando.

  • Yoless

    Despite being a regular listener I live in South Africa and hence, am not gonna enter the awesome amazing “sweepstakes of a lifetime”…sigh

    Although, if you wiling post to SA, you’ll be proving that you’re not nationalist and hence (by way of logical argument) not racist*….

    JOel (yes my name is also Joel)

    PS. *joke

  • RJ Bubel

    Dave what happened to your lady with balance? You’ve already moved onto a chick with huge guns……As for the lagoon contest, you know that your going to end up with the first 25 or so pictures from google search on Lagoon. Also you should probably give (the) Joel a break on “Kidnapped” seeing as how your parent bought you with choose your own adventure book.

    P.S. Dave if you need to get in touch with Revy, because you want her to be the new Mrs. Riley this week……

    P.S.S I gave finger once to my buddy at the range….while holding a 44 magnum, I must say it was awesome. I could only imagine how Badass you’d feel giving the bird to someone who is just about die from the impact of a torpedo to face and the imminent explosive that will follow.

  • Colin

    Man, those uncomfortable looking pants she has on makes me uncomfortable in my pants.

  • Ian

    Crap I was thinking about watching this show it sounds pretty definitive, I’ll have to watch it before I can listen to this podcast.

  • RJ Bubel

    Colin, I believe were calling those shorts. Very short shorts, and gross.

  • Hey Yoless , I am THE South African Listener on D&J . And I would like to keep it that way …… WATCH YOUR BACK !!!

  • I got your hot Revy cosplayer right here:

    Hope you ship to fortress europa ;)

  • DIBBS!

  • RJ Bubel

    I think the internet pants just got tighter…ahh hell, I will have sloppy seconds Gooberzilla.

  • RobotBastard

    Cuter cosplayer:

    Anti-tank rifles:
    One thing to remember is that an anti-tank rifle is generally about .50-caliber, or even LARGER. They aren’t using it as anti-tank, they’re using it as a monster sniper rifle.

    If it’s a HIND, it’s armored to take one-inch AA fire; small wonder that the anti-tank rifle bullets just bounce off.

    Black Lagoon:
    I’m surprised that there wasn’t a big stink about the music in this one! At least, in the sense that in the original manga, the “jumping between boats” scene had a Rob Zombie song as the soundtrack (the manga artist just wrote out the lyrics in the background of the scene.)

  • Dustin

    Cuter cosplayer:

    Don’t look now, but I think that’s the same girl. You know, just an observation. >_>

    Concerning Black Lagoon: My best friend had shown me some scenes from a couple episodes of this show, and I wasn’t too impressed. Of course, it may have been because he showed me the episodes that featured the, as Drakonis put it, “creepy child assassins”. Plus, his taste in anime tends to be all over the map (Ghost in the Shell, Hellsing, Cowboy Bebop, Trinity Blood, Samurai Champloo, just to give you an idea), so I’m always dubious when he shows me anime. If you both like it, though, perhaps I should check it out.

  • RobotBastard

    I think that you didn’t watch all the way to the last picture in the slideshow.

    Your friend’s taste isn’t so much “all over the map” as it is “what’s on Adult Swim right now”.

    Black Lagoon is fun, and the creepy child assassins is a very small part of the whole thing. This isn’t one of those shows where the writers ran out of ideas and just started throwing in any old cliche they could think of.

  • Jive Turkey

    Black Lagoon is horrible… Burn Up W is a 1,000 times better.

  • Jive Turkey

    That cirrhosis liver….I’d hit that.

  • “Black Lagoon is horrible? Burn Up W is a 1,000 times better.”

    You are so going to hell

  • kolibri

    Well I sent my pandering entry to your competition – it’s got perfectly balanced lesbians, wet breasts, catsuits and explosions (obviously). I hope you’ll like it.

  • “Well I sent my pandering entry to your competition – it?s got perfectly balanced lesbians, wet breasts, catsuits and explosions (obviously). I hope you?ll like it.”

    Do I hear Oscar buzz ?


    What was the name of the song Dave was singing in the beginning? (Her name, she’s sexy!)

  • N.E.R.D. – She Wants to Move