Show #116: I Like A Girl With Good Balance

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In this episode Joel and I fall in love with Ninja Warrior.

Opener: Theme from Ninja in the Dragon’s Den
Ninja Gaiden – Basilisk Run (an OC Remix by Vurek)

Ninja Theme Music

This show is about:

Shadow Cammy

Frank Dux: Real Ninja

Blond Acrobat (LOVE HER)

  • Alex

    Who took that amazing last picture? Oh yeah it was me. If anyone is hiring I am also a master of the corner shot and double corner shot. I’m available for all karaoke and birthday parties.

  • Damn , is this show available on DVD ? It sounds frickin awesome and we don’t have it on out satellite channels over here :(

  • RJ Bubel

    Dj Drastic, ninja warrior also goes by the name Sasuke in Japan. As far as I can tell it’s only available via broadcast, although you might have some luck with torrents.

  • Ian

    So that’s the real name of the “shocka ninja!” song … finally some piece of mind.

  • I had no luck finding a Kunoichi torrent. All I got were torrents for a hentai show called The Last Kunoichi. This makes me sad.

  • kolibri

    I assume the name for the show (and the Naruto character too) comes from legendary ninja Sarutobi Sasuke.

    Some Ninja Warrior and Kunoichi can be found on YouTube, of course. I’d love a torrent though if someone can find it :)

  • Spankminister

    Not to lend credibility to Frank Dux’s claims, but isn’t the Medal of Honor awarded by the President on behalf of Congress?

  • Don’t correct me, boy.

    Shoot, I knew something felt wrong about saying it, but it made so much sense in my head! Anyway, I don’t recall if I mentioned it… but they were SUPER SECRET Congressional Medals of Honor that he’s not allowed to talk about (possibly upon pain of death? But who could kill a REAL LIFE NINJA!?) so at least one part of his story doesn’t pass muster…

    Would’ve helped if I didn’t make an ass out of myself again, though…

  • Oh Dave , but thats why we love you . You shoot from the hip , and sometimes you shoot from behind the door of a squad car , but if you think about it it doesn’t make sense because your legs would still be exposed to the shooters and the fact that cars generally tend to have fairly thin doors to reduce weight .Nevermind the fact that alot of cars these days use plastics in doors , so the chance of a bullet passing through a door is farily high.

    But on the other hand there is the small change that your squad car might have side airbags , and that the bullet might might in a off chance be caught in these airbags.

    Another unknown is the crumple zones , what I know about crumple zones is that they reduce energy transferred to the internal compartment of the car ; The big question is would they be able to slow bullets down to the speed where they are not lethal ?

    So getting back to the topic , YOU ROCK DAVE !!!!

  • Dara

    Holy crap. I finally listened to this for the first time in years and I almost shit myself when I heard mention of a name I used to go by online. I am both mortified and amused by my teenage self.

    Holy shit I’ve been listening to your show for a long ass time.