Show #115: 45 Minutes, No Rush

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In this episode Joel and I do our best to be serious about Barefoot Gen.

Opener: Initial D – Boom Boom Japan (by: Dave Rodgers)
Ranma 1/2 – Piece of Love

In honor of our good buddy Andore coming back into town, I make the opening/closing music a couple of Andrew classics.

EDIT: Aaaaaand after uploading this I realize how wildly inappropriate “Boom Boom Japan” is for a show about Japan getting nuked.

Oh well… too late this time.

This show is about:

Zerg Rushing

Tastykake Pies


  • I’m in your comment box , typing your hate mail

  • Colin

    Finally, a push over the edge. I’ve been wanting to see this film for quite awhile, after having read and been thoroughly impressed by the manga, but now that its gone a glowing D&J seal of approval, I guess this has to shoot up to the top of my Netflix.

    Regarding the age of Gen, I’m pretty sure Joel was right. His little brother was closer to the age of six, while, if my memory is working properly, Gen was about twelve-thirteen. I could be wrong, but that doesn’t happen often.

    I feel condemned to a life of isolation and introversion as a currently homeschooled and about to enter college kid. Well fuck it, at least I can beat FF XII in two weeks. i

  • Dustin

    I happen to be an only child. It’s not that bad, really, if you’re creative enough. I, for example, talked to myself quite a bit. It’s more entertaining than you might think.

    Of course, I’ve been walking the line between sanity and insanity for most of my life, so that might have something to do with what I find entertaining.

  • RJ Bubel

    Dave and (the) Joel,

    This was podcasting at it’s finest. A funny episode yet still very insightful on the movie and it’s better parts. Honestly when I saw that you were doing this show I was a bit worried…..I mean the Hiroshima bomb isn’t very funny. But ya did managed to do it. Also I feel bad for Nagasaki no one ever mentions that they got bombed, it’s not as it no one died in that attack.

    Otherwise this was a great episode, no plans on doing the sequel for this movie I am guessing right?

  • Hilarious episode, guys! Who knew that a throwaway joke could inspire so many comments?

    You were right in assuming that I was pretty much saying “Dave and Joel usually only review anime they hate and rag on it mercilessly, and I’d hate for ‘Gen’ to suffer the same fate,” but I wasn’t claiming that ‘Human Crossing’ is Barefoot Gen’s equal. I like Human Crossing more than you guys do (yeah, I know, that’s like claining to like Gene Roddenberry more than Harlan Ellison does), but I hardly consider it an end-all be-all. I used it as an example because I usually think your comments are funny, even when you’re ragging on something I like, but the Human Crossing ep was the one exception, the one time I didn’t think anything you said was funny.

    In other words, I made a joke nobody but me could possibly have gotten.

    I do that a lot…

  • In other words, I made a joke nobody but me could possibly have gotten.

    I do that a lot?

    I wouldn’t worry about it. I’m pretty sure that’s the same reason we have a podcast.

    Glad you liked it. :D I don’t remember much about the Human Crossing episode. I remember riffing on the fact that the one guy’s mouth disappears in a scene…

  • I shall listen to this episode on the way to work tomorrow, but I wanted to commend you for tackling such an emotionally charged subject.

    On the other hand, I hope you say something about the Gawd-awful DVD box art. I mean, Criminy, is that Comic Sans they’re using?

  • On the other hand, I hope you say something about the Gawd-awful DVD box art. I mean, Criminy, is that Comic Sans they?re using?

    That’s the old Streamline release (which included a dub and a dubtitle with purple dubsubs). The Geneon DVD looks like this.

    Here’s hoping this accepts my HTML…

  • Urgh. That’s almost at the other extreme of the spectrum. At first glance I was hit by the DOUBLE-SHOCK POWAAAH of the San Diego Comic Con logo and an extreme close-up of Golgo 13.

  • Jive Turkey

    urgh… I just downloaded and watched the Starcraft 2 demo. The demo showcased the Protoss’ new units and pissed me off. Do they really need a mothership now!?! Protoss and Zerg are still going to be stronger than Terrans… :(

  • Dustin

    Protoss and Zerg are still going to be stronger than Terrans?

    Uh…I think a South Korean guy commonly known as “Boxer” might disagree with you there. Besides, what makes you think the Zerg and Terrans aren’t going to get power units to counter the Protoss Mothership? Personally, I’m really excited to see what Blizzard is going to do with the Terrans.

  • When I heard the Boom Boom Japan opening song, I was pretty sure the show was going to be about Initial D. How wrong I was! Honestly, did you really not realize the inappropriate nature of the opening song selection until after you made the show? I’m pretty sure you chose the song on purpose. If you aren’t lying, then this is truly a random act of comedy to be remembered.